Jobs at Durgapur Mission Hospital

Doctors at jobs at Durgapur Mission Hospital

Jobs at Durgapur Mission Hospital can give you a dream career in a private hospital. The Mission Hospital, Durgapur is one of the leading hospitals in Eastern India. People from different parts of India come to this world class hospital for medical treatment.

Whatever your specific goals or talents might be, a career at The Mission Hospital, Durgapur is an opportunity to learn, grow and become a valued member of an extraordinary team at one of the world’s great medical centers.

Job Opportunities at Durgapur Mission Hospital

There are various roles in the Mission Hospital for you to explore. Pick a job role that interests you and explore the possibilities for you. Whether you looking for jobs for freshers or looking for a job in back office there is a job opportunity for you.

Accounts Jobs at Mission Hospital

You will have to record financial transactions of the organization as an accountant. You should be able to work on computers and should have knowledge of working with accounting softwares.


Back office Jobs at Mission Hospital

The back office jobs at the Mission Hospital are the jobs of administration and support personnel who are not client-facing. You will need to carry out functions such as settlements, clearances, record maintenance.


Coordinators Jobs at Mission Hospital

As a health care coordinator you will be required to aid patients, physicians, nursing staff, and other departments of the Mission Hospital. You will establish communication between patients and medical staff.


Front Office Jobs at Mission Hospital

At front office you will be the first person to come in contact the patients or the relatives of the patients. You will have responsibilities like front office administration, attending incoming and outgoing telephone calls, maintaining registers, keeping coordination with the patients.


In addition to the above job types you can find jobs in Durgapur Mission Hospital as health care assistant, various Jobs in laboratory, medical professional jobs, nursing Jobs, pharmacist Jobs, jobs at the canteen.

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