Job Interview Guide for Freshers

Here is a job interview guide for freshers to help in their interviews. Whether you like it or not you will be going through some job interviews before you land your dream job. An interview is like a door to a job and the interviewers are the guards. If you can impress them they will let you in. Here are some tips to help you prepare for job interviews. The tips below will help in finding jobs for freshers.

Get a Quick Job Interview Guide for Freshers


Job Interview Guide for Freshers


Do Your Homework

Collect as much information about the company as you can before the interview. Also collect information about the job that you are giving the interview for. What the job responsibilities will be. What you will require to do in the job. What skillsets the job require. All these information will help you to sail through the interview.

Rewrite Your Resume

Now that you have sound knowledge about the company and the job, customize your resume. Don’t send the same resume to every company. Tailor your resume for different jobs. Add information related to the job you are going to appear in the interview for.

Get Your Answers Ready

There are some common interview questions. Prepare your answers for those questions. Try to anticipate all the questions that you might be asked and then think up answers for them. Give some mock interviews at home. This will improve your self confidence and help in the actual interview. Here are some common interview questions:

Tell Me About Yourself

Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Why Should we Hire You?

Describe Your Greatest Achievement?

Key Skills for this Job?

Goals for the Next 5 Years?

Reason for Leaving Current Job?

Reach Before Time

It’s always a good idea to reach in time for the interview. This will show your seriousness and punctuality. You will also get some time to relax yourself. Try to reach at least 15 minutes before the interview time.

Put on the Right Dress

Put on a formal dress for job interviews. Your dress should be comfortable and fit you well. Dress in a manner that is appropriate to the job position. A formal dress shows your willingness to follow social protocols. Your

Finally, relax and try to be yourself. Act normal and speak normal. Ask permission before entering the interview room, greet the interviewers. Remember, cracking the interview is tough but not impossible.

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